1932 Engineer Short Tarawa Pike Brothers

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1932 Engineer Short Tarawa


Our 1932 Engineer Short is a blend of 1930's safari pants combined with details of a British BD pant. The cut is wide to provide good freedom of movement and ventilation. As typical of the 1930s and 40s, the waist is higher.
The large leg pocket holds all sorts of items for daily adventures and the First Aid Kit pocket on the hip is large enough to fit most smartphones. A cinch on the back provides a quick way to adjust the size.
The fabric is our tried and true cotton herringbone twill that is durable and dries quickly.

Other details that make our 1932 Engineer Short stand out:

- Herringbone Twill fabric made of 100% cotton with 330 g/m2.
- Comfort Fit
- large leg pocket, First Aid pocket
- Logo Donut Buttons
- Made in Turkey

How we measure...


If you ever asked yourself how to determine your personal size on our PikeBrothers-products here comes the answer.
 In the following pictures and video we will show you how you can measure exactly. The best way is to use a well fitting piece of garment that you already own.


Note for pants:

Measurements provided are of the product when laid flat, not as worn on a body.
WAIST: We measure the waist with the fly buttoned, spread flat on a surface, and given a light stretch tp remove any wrinkles and give a natural waist reading. The waist is then measured straight across the top of the waistband.
 FRONT RISE: With the fly buttoned, we measure starting from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband following the fly, giving the front rise a slight pull to remove wrinkles and give a natural measurement.
BACK RISE: Measuring from the same point as the front rise, we measure from the crotch seam to the back waistband, following the rear seam on the seat.
HEM: The hem is measured in the same manner, laying flat on a surface and measurements taken from the external sem to internal seam at the leg opening.