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1943 CPO Shirt Tijuana red

The U.S. Navy CPO Shirt - a classic among outdoor shirts.

The U.S. Navy CPO Shirt, also known as the Chief Petty Officer Shirt, is undoubtedly a timeless classic among outdoor shirts. This garment was designed to withstand the harsh conditions on the decks of ships. Over the years, certain materials and cuts in maritime clothing have proven to be particularly suitable.
The 1943 CPO Shirt is an outstanding example of the evolution of these garments. Originally conceived in the 1930s, the cut and material have only undergone slight changes over the decades. Some of the distinctive features of this shirt are:
1. **Freedom of Movement:** The fit of this shirt provides excellent freedom of movement, which is crucial for work aboard ships. Chief Petty Officers (CPOs) had to be able to move freely in their shirts to efficiently perform their duties.
2. **Two Large Chest Pockets:** This shirt has two generous chest pockets. These pockets provide storage space for tools, personal items, or other important things that a sailor might need on board.
3. **Material:** Originally, CPO shirts were made from heavy wool fabric to provide warmth and protection from the elements. Over the decades, various materials have been experimented with. In this case, the fabric is exclusively woven in Portugal and, in the typical fashion of flannel, is brushed accordingly. This process makes the fabric particularly soft and comfortable to wear.
4. **Weight:** The fabric of this shirt weighs 152 grams. This weight is sufficient to provide warmth without being too heavy or cumbersome.
The 1943 CPO Shirt is a timeless classic that embodies the tradition and functionality of maritime clothing. It is a symbol of durability and practicality, and its design elements have been preserved over the years to meet the demands of sailors.

The following details characterize our 1943 CPO Shirt:

- 100% cotton, 152 gsm
- Authentic fit of the 1940s
- prewashed
- Made in Portugal

Note for tops:

Measurements provided are of the product when laid flat, not as worn on a body.
CHEST / PIT TO PIT: Measured across the chest from armpit seam to seam directly below sleeve seams at the armpit.
SHOULDER: Taken across the back and measured from shoulder tip to shoulder tip.
SLEEVE: Following the natural curve of the sleeve from shoulder seam to cuff.
BACK LENGTH: Measured from the seam at the base ofthe collar to the bottom hem of the top.




Care instructions

Machine Wash 40°

Do Not Bleach

Tumble Dry Normal

Iron Medium Heat