1943 Deck Hook Jacket Atlantic Pike Brothers

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Description of product

The original Deck Hook Jacket was introduced around 1943/44 and was meant to be a replacement of the dearlier Deck Zip Jacket. The U.S. Navy was experimenting with a hook system to close the jacket. Its predecessor had a small sized zipper on the outside which sometimes froze in cold winter and was not to be opened with gloves.
Originals were only produced for one year which makes them highly collectible.

The following features characterize our 1943 Deck Hook Jacket:

- outer layer of densely woven double faced jungle cloth
- wool blanket lining (100%wool)
- heavy duty closure hooks
- additional zipper on the inside
- inside pocket
- authentic Spec. Label
- tand up collar
- Made in Turkey

Care instructions

Do Now Wash

Do Not Bleach

Do Not Tumble

Do Not Iron