1946 Mountaineer Boots black Pike Brothers

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1946 Mountaineer Boots black

Our 1946 Mountaineer Boots have been designed after typical mountain boots from the 1940s era. Mountain boots in that period were typically goodyear welted and made with the Norwegian welt for more durability and to give the boots more water repellent characteristics. The Norwegian welt connects the insole to the midsole with an additional seam. This seam makes the boots more torsion resistant and in addition, it ensures that water can not penetrate so quickly into the boots.
Typically, this process was popular with outdoor shoes and boots. Just like originals from that time, we have produced our 1946 Mountaineer Boots with the Norwegian welt.

The following details characterize our 1946 Mountaineer Boots:

- 100% cowhide leather
- Norwegian welt
- All-terrain/commando sole
- Quick lacing eyelets
- Made in Portugal