1962 OG-107 Short Mitchell green Pike Brothers

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1962 OG-107 Short Mitchell green


The OG-107 Pant was part of the regular field uniform of the American armed forces from 1952 to 1963. The first "Type I" model was issued to troops in 1952 and remained unchanged in shape and cut until production ceased in 1963. With slight modifications, the pants remained in service until the early 1980s.  The OG-107 proved itself in the field especially because of its ruggedness and comfortable fit.

Because of its suitability for everyday use and comfortable fit, the OG-107 is therefore an integral part of our collection. Since in the field the O.G.-107 likes to be cut off, we also produce it in a short version.  

For the summer of 2023, we have made the pants from a special camoflage pattern called the Mitchell Pattern. This pattern was issued to the United States Marine Corps starting in 1953 in the form of tents and helmet covers.The use over time but was not limited to the USMC. The Mitchell, which was also called the Leaf Pattern, has been just as popular with U.S. Special Forces units such as the 5th Special Forces. Since the original print and fabric was a reversible heavy canvas fabric for tents it proofed to be too heavy and uncomfortable for uniform. Therefore small runs were printed for uniforms by private manufacturers. These were non-reversible and made of a lighter fabric. The non-standard pieces could then be procured privately. For example, from small tailors in Okinawa, Japan.
For our Mitchell print, we used exactly such a privately sourced set from Japanese production in the 1960s.

More details that characterize our 1962 O.G.-107 Mitchell Green:

- 100% cotton
- Loose-Fit
- Button-Fly
- Pre-washed, will not shrink
- Made in Turkey


How we measure...


If you ever asked yourself how to determine your personal size on our PikeBrothers-products here comes the answer.
 In the following pictures and video we will show you how you can measure exactly. The best way is to use a well fitting piece of garment that you already own.


Note for pants:

Measurements provided are of the product when laid flat, not as worn on a body.
WAIST: We measure the waist with the fly buttoned, spread flat on a surface, and given a light stretch tp remove any wrinkles and give a natural waist reading. The waist is then measured straight across the top of the waistband.
 FRONT RISE: With the fly buttoned, we measure starting from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband following the fly, giving the front rise a slight pull to remove wrinkles and give a natural measurement.
BACK RISE: Measuring from the same point as the front rise, we measure from the crotch seam to the back waistband, following the rear seam on the seat.
HEM: The hem is measured in the same manner, laying flat on a surface and measurements taken from the external sem to internal seam at the leg opening.
Care instructions

Hand Wash

Do Not Bleach

Do Not Tumble

Do Not Iron