1968 Baseball Shirt Mugo black Pike Brothers

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Product information

The idea of a sports uniform and especially baseball uniforms is older than one might think. The first baseball teams started to wear sports uniforms around 1850. By 1900 American baseball teams were all wearing uniforms when competing against each other. Over the last 100 years the type of uniform changed quite drastically. While players were wearing wool trousers and flannel shirts by 1880. They were mostly wearing nylon shirts and trousers 100 years later.
However, the first layer for the players was a normal cotton undershirt. And this is the background of our 1966 Basball Shirts.
Once they were undershirts in order to absorb sweat and were traditionally worn under the short sleeved polyester shirts for more comfort. Features like raglan sleeves supported the comfort of the wearer.  Unicolored bodies  and sleeves were chosen, so they could be worn with the striped or multi colored rest of the uniform. Over time they became independent garments associated as baseball shirts.

The following features are found on our baseball shirts:

- 100% cotton
- Raglan sleeves
- Slim FIt
- Made in Portugal

Slim Fit! For you want a loose fit, order one size up!


Care instructions

Machine Wash 30°

Do Not Bleach

Do Not Tumble

Iron Medium Heat