1941 Utility Trousers Tarawa Pike Brothers

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Description of product

Our 1941 Utlity Pant is based on the legendary P41 Trousers of the USMC. It was the typical field and work attire for the USMC on the beginning of the 1940s. It saw use from Camp Pendelton in California to the beaches of Japan.
Its general appearance is that of typical work trousers from the 1940s era. In combination with the HBT material it made a great pair of trousers because it was heard wearing and fast drying when wet.
No wonder that they became a legendary item in military clothing.

Further features of the 1941 Utility Trousers:

- 100% cotton hbt,
- high waist, loose fit
- donut buttons in brass finish
- button fly
- 330 g/m2
- Made in Turkey