1947 N1 Deck Parka waxed khaki Pike Brothers

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At the end of WW2 the US Navy experimented with new jackets and parkas. In order to better equip their sailors at sea and give them more comfort and warmth when on deck they issued the 1947 parka. No exact date for this parka can be found but most originals seem to have been issued about this time. Generally having the same features as the N1 it had three differences. Firstly it was longer than the N1 Deck Jacket, secondly it had additional pockets added to the front and lastly a hood was attached to keep the wind away.
For our version we have followed the original design but added a waxing to the original jungle cloth. This makes it more water repellant and more suitable for outdoor use.

The follwoing features characterize the 1947 Deck Parka:

- outer layer of densely woven waxed double faced jungle cloth (100% cotton)
- woven wool lining (100% Wool)
- vintage 1940s Talon zipper
- authentic Spec. Label
- internal pocket
- Made in Turkey


Care instructions

Do Now Wash

Do Not Bleach

Do Not Tumble

Do Not Iron