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Shoe size table for Foempies sneakers
Innersole in cm Innersole in inch EU shoe size UK shoe size
23.2 cm 9.13 inch 35 EU 3 UK
23.5 cm 9.25 inch 36 EU 3 ½ UK
24.0 cm 9.45 inch 37 EU 4 UK
25.0 cm 9.84 inch 38 EU 5 UK
26.0 cm 10.24 inch 39 EU 6 UK
26.7 cm 10.51 inch 40 EU 6 ½ UK
27.0 cm 10.63 inch 41 EU 7 UK
28.0 cm 11.02 inch 42 EU 8 UK
28.9 cm 11.38 inch 43 EU 9 UK
29.4 cm 11.57 inch 44 EU 9 ½ UK
30.0 cm 11.81 inch 45 EU 10 UK
30.7 cm 12.09 inch 46 EU 11 UK
31.3 cm 12.32 inch 47 EU 12 UK

Example 1

The measurement of your innersole was 24.8 cm. If we look at the measurement table, the length of an innersole of a shoe size 37 is 24.0 cm. For the 38 we have 25.0 cm. We measured our innersole and we have 24.8cm. We have to go one number up, otherwise it will be to small. Meaning the EU size 38 or 25.0 cm

Example 2

We took the innersole of my most comfortable sneakers. We measured it from beginning till the end. The measurement was a length of 27.6 cm. If we look at the table 27.0 cm is the EU size 41. The next size is 42, with a measurement of 28.0 cm. It falls in the middle of the two sizes so we go one size up, meaning the size 42 will have the best fitting in this case.

Can I determine my shoe size based on the length of my foot?

Yes, you can. Follow these steps:

  1. Place your foot on a white sheet of paper. Just place a mark right after your foot and in front of your longest toe. Measure the length in cm between those two points in a straight line. Make sure you calculate one decimal.
  2. Add to your measurement 1.5 cm. This the recommend free space we need available for the best comfort. At the end of the day our feet are more swollen and the free space will compensate this. It's also prevents sweaty feet and isolate.

An quick example

By measurement my foot size is 25.3 cm. We need to add 25.3 + 1.5 cm = 26.8 cm. If we look the 26.8 cm on the above measurement table we fall in between 26.7 cm translated in a 40. And 27 cm, a 41 EU shoe size. As we fall in between those two sizes, we go one number up. Meaning the size 41 will be the best fitting for my foot.